Year: 2023

Media: Product design

Dear Basketball, it’s a tribute to Kobe, Dear Basketball, it's my heartfelt letter to this sport, Dear Basketball, it's a way to express gratitude for all that this game has given me.

This basket ball is inspired by the crumpled paper ball, the one we've all shot at home in our bedrooms, or while we're at the office — the one we rarely miss.

You already know what happens when you have it in your hand. You start the countdown. Five. You hear the crowd. Four. You feel the flashlights. Three. The tension rises. Two. You shoot. One. The ball rotates in the air... at the buzzer! You've made it again, you've won it at the buzzer. What a play.

My very first basket ball, now available in my shop, you can play with it in the nearest court or keep it at home as modern inflatable sculpture.


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